Create, upgrade or improve your “raving fan” kid’s martial arts classes using our step by step YOUTH KRAV MAGA program…

We’ve adapted the go-to defensive system of the Israeli Defense Force to cater to society’s most vulnerable and I want to show you how I did it. Then you can pack your school with kids just like Krav Maga has packed in adult classes for years!

I want to tell you a story. But, first, I want you to imagine that you're a Jew in 1930s Bratislava.

A rash of anti-semitic riots have broken out across your homeland and there’s violence in the streets. Imagine knowing that every time you step out of your home, there are roaming gangs of fascists foaming at the mouth to surround and victimize you based solely on your religion and ethnicity. Sometimes they will be in groups. And sometimes they will be alone. You won’t be able to pick them out of the crowd. They’ll wear plain clothes and you won’t know who they are until it’s too late.

No, you don’t know much about them, but what you do know is they want to hurt you and they want to hurt your family.

That was the situation that a young boxer and wrestling champion by the name of Imi Lichtenfeld found himself in all those many years ago.

He’d just turned 20 years old when the terrorist attacks began and it soon became clear that he’d have to do something if he ever wanted to make it to age 30.

What did he do? What could he do?

The fascists were bigger and stronger. They had wide support. And jews like him were a tiny minority made up of regular working people who’d never thought it would come to all this. They weren’t supermen or superwomen. They were shoemakers, bakers, and mothers. They were people just looking to live their lives in peace. And, once more, they were truly terrified of the fascist neighbours next door.

He realized that he needed a way to protect himself and his community. A fighting system that was realistic, practical, and (most importantly) effective. A fighting system that could allow even societies’ most vulnerable to push back against the overwhelming brutality of mob violence.

The answer was Krav Maga.

Imi Lichtenfeld would borrow elements from boxing, wrestling, savate, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Judo, Wing Chun and grappling to create what is now known as one of the world’s most aggressive self-defense systems.

Imi began to train members of his community in the no-experience-needed fighting system that prioritized simplicity, continuous motion, and effective striking over physical strength.

And, now, close to one hundred years later, there are still many martial artists introducing even more vulnerable people to the great equalizer that is Imi’s Krav Maga. I’m one of those people, members of the Isreali Defense Forces are others, and, by the end of this letter, I hope you’ll be ready to spread Imi’s techniques as well…

By the end of this letter, I want to give you everything you need to know to start introducing the incredible playing-field-levelling self-defence system known as Krav Maga to as many people as you possibly can. And in accordance with the original ethos of Krav Maga, I’ve adapted many of the techniques that make this system so effective to be applicable to a seriously at-risk section of our society: KIDS.

I’ve adapted the basic tenants of this century-old martial art to the needs of youths and children. And I want to show you how you can use Krav Maga to improve young lives as well.

But more on that later…

First, I want to tell you a bit about us and why you should take what I’m about to share with seriously.

Our names are Stephanie and Matt Numrich…

...And even though you might not recognize our names, the martial arts world has certainly recognized my ideas on training and technique through the dozens of international articles we’ve had published, training programs we’ve produced and law enforecement and military groups we’ve trained.

We’ve been involved in the world of self-defense fighting for over 25 years now and in that time we’ve received recognition from some of the top martial artists to ever live. Matt’s list includes Sifu Larry Hartsell (original student of Bruce Lee) and Paul Vunak (past instructor of the Navy Seals). And he’s received some of the highest accreditations a martial artist can achieve including being part a select group of Americans fully certified to teach Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts as well as being a Black Belt in Krav Maga Instructor under Mark Slane of USKMA.

Stephanie’s involvement in the martial arts is also accompanied by a unique aspect which separates this curriculum from all other “youth” martial arts prorgrams: Her tenure as a school teacher from the elementary to the high school level. Besides her training in JKD and Krav Maga under USKMA as well, her experience as a teacher is what puts this Youth Krav Maga program above all others.

Even though our personal martial arts development will always be a passion of ours, over the years we’ve learned that what we find truly rewarding is teaching others. That led us to opening up several successful martial arts schools.

Which is why shortly after we started our martial arts journey, we began shifting our focus from chasing trophies to arming untrained civilians and professionals alike with the skills they need to live life without fear.

We wanted to use our martial arts knowledge to improve people’s lives.

Close to 25 years ago we opened our first academy in the windy city of Chicago and began developing, practicing, and teaching functional martial arts. We were soon surprised by the overwhelming demand people had for fighting techniques tailored to their unique requirements – and remember – this was before the day and age of the UFC and mix martial arts. And although MMA has it’s place, parents and kids alike want a realistic “street” focused system to take care of everyone from bullies to predators.

As a result, we’ve developed self-defense programs and training seminars for organizations like the US Army, the US Navy, ATF and was even asked to construct a hand-to-hand defensive system for US Air Marshals following the terror attacks of 9/11.

The work we were doing meant so much to us. But there was one problem…

Put simply, we couldn’t be in multiple places at once… especially with the mass amount of kids out there. Every excursion we took to train police officers, security guards, military, or just other martial arts instructors was time away from the regular working people who’d fill up our self-defense academies every day looking for effective and meaningful training. And, what’s more, our reach was only limited to what part of the country we decided to raise our children in. Which meant that there were millions of people out there who we would never be able to help…

So as our YOUTH classes grew, this was breaking point. We saw so many kids across the US being taught unrealistic and difficult arts which really didn’t serve them at all in life. The other problem was that even those schools which taught realisic systems, they didn’t have a specific YOUTH curriculum which tailored to the needs of children.

So, the question became “how can I help as many kids as possible?

For years we’ve developed dozens of training programs for ADULTS… So Stephanie felt like she was called to create a program JUST FOR KIDS, so…

Today, she wants to offer you exclusive access to our newest training system…

(we’ll let her pick it up from here…)

As a Certified Krav Maga instructor, I’ve devoted a great amount of my time focusing on the Israeli fighting system developed by Imi Lichtenfeld all those years ago. I did it because I (and many other instructors) truly believe that it is the most efficient system available to equip untrained and intermediate students with the techniques they need for a well-rounded, tactical approach to self-defence.

In short, I wanted to duplicate the success I had with our previous self-defense programs. So, I started working on a Youth Krav Maga program aimed at helping instructors connect with their youth students on an developmental level while still training them in this incredibly aggressive system on the physical level.

Now, you might be wondering, Why is this a youth program? Why not just make a Krav Maga program for instructors and sell it to whoever? THERE ARE A COUPLE REASONS FOR THAT, AND WITH IT WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO SERVE OTHERS, AND MAKE A SMALL FORTUNE BY DOING IT!

First of all, I feel that training young adults and children in Krav Maga is in line with the goals that the young Imi Lichtenfeld first laid out when he developed the self-defense system: TO EMPOWER PEOPLE WITH REAL SELF-DEFENSE SKILLS. Imi sought to give protection tools to the powerless. And by developing a system aimed at children, I feel I am carrying on the original traditions of Krav Maga.

Second, I believe in training children from a young age as this means THEY WILL GROW UP WITH A DEEP FOUND SENSE OF CONFIDENCE knowing they are ready to protect themselves.

And the final reason my course focuses on youth training is that TRAINING CHILDREN IS AN AREA THAT MANY INSTRUCTORS HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH – ESPECIALLY IN REALISITC TRAINING. The sad truth is that…


Most instructors just don’t know how to train young adults and children, and for the ones who do, they don’t know how to teach them Krav Maga.


Are you already certified in Krav Maga?  If so, CLICK HERE, and let us know the organization you're certified under and certification date to see if you qualify for an in person training exemption and $500 discount.

Our training programs have been proven to be uniquely effective for one main reason. I don’t solely focus on what is taught, I also focus on how it’s taught.

Through many years of teaching and teaching thousands of students in our school systems, with my time teaching Krav Maga, I’ve gained some special insights as to how to reach young martial artists.

I’ve trained teenagers facing the pressures of high-school bullying, children with learning disabilities (ADD/ADHD), as well as kids just looking for a new hobby. I’ve created confident martial artists out of all of them. In my program, I’ll give you everything you need to do the same.


  • Professionally shot training videos covering each lesson to give you a totally duplicable and effective way to train children.
  • Detailed weekly and monthly curriculums that layout the entire course as well as definitions and descriptions in written form.
  • Guide pictures that serve as understandable demonstrations for each and every technique, drill and concept.
  • Stripe and level test forms that allow you to properly evaluate student progress.

All of these resources will be immediately available to you on your computer, laptop, or smartphone the second you apply. You’ll also get:

  • Mat chats. I demonstrate how you can help your students develop their mental strength along with their physical strength. Topics include:  Character Topics, Bully Prevention and Predator Defense!
  • Dozens of drill-based games designed to keep children engaged and having fun while they grow as martial artists.
  • Parent feedback sheets. It’s always important to make sure parents enjoy the training sessions as much as the students themselves. My program includes parent feedback sheets to show parents how their children are improving.
  • Event plan. Every youth program needs at least 2 different events. Youth Krav Maga helps you plan these events to keep parents involved in their child’s development.
  • Certification test to let us know you’re ready for our in person 3 Day training camp. This online test is how I will gauge your ability to train children using my self-defense techniques and coaching strategies. This test is only open to participants in this program and once you’ve completed it you are ready to attend the final step of an in person intesive 3 Day camp to finalize you becoming a fully certified youth Krav Maga
  • Teaching kids vs. teaching adults. The two are very different. I explain exactly how and give you the mindset tools I use to engage children and get them intrigued by the possibilities of martial arts.
  • Much, much, more! 

My tested program has helped instructors finally get through to their youth students and created an army of young martial artists who are dedicated to the challenges of Krav Maga.

Just listen to what our students and their parents have to say…

Meaningful And Enjoyable Classes

"I want to mention that you and your team make the classes both meaningful and enjoyable, so we look forward to each one of them. Keep up the great work!" ~ Martin Klein, attending with his two sons

Helpful And Organized Curriculum

"I have truly enjoyed the last 8 months of training and believe that the new format that you have laid out are a very helpful and organized way to monitor students progress. I respect the effort you have put into making your school better and more professional, not being fearful or hesitant to try new things and ideas, and entrusting your staff to take your ideas and run with them, all qualities of a good leader. My two boys have also benefitted and have enjoyed the experience as well." ~ Mike Soper, 49, 10+ year veteran at Phoenix Krav Maga and Fitness

Improved Self-Esteem

"Evolution was a great experience. Thanks for the make-up solo session with Cole. He enjoyed having the one-to-one attention. I have seen improvements in Cole's self-esteem and in Thomas's behavior." ~ Kelly Winder, mother of 2

Thanks So Much For All You Have Done

"I really enjoyed attending the evolution. I had no idea that Robert had learned so much and had become so proficient in his moves. I also really enjoyed watching him work with Matt her really enjoys the times he is able to work with him. I am really pleased with Robert's progress and what he has learned so far. Thanks so much for all you have done to help Robert build his self-confidence we still have a ways to go but it is improving." ~ Teresa Marzorati, mother

Receive The Best Martial Arts Education Possible

"I just want to touch base with you on a few things. So far the classes are going fairly well, and Savannah without question, absolutely loves them...! I want nothing more than for my daughter to receive only the best Martial Arts instruction possible, and she has found it here." ~ Jeff Virgil

Build Confidence

"Just wanted you to know how great I thought the last class was. My little Madison is the loudest child I have ever heard in my life, but she gets real shy out of her 'environment'. The way you had the kids step forward and confidently say their name was great!" ~ Dee McDougal, mother of 3, all in our program

Any Price Is Worth It

"Classes are awesome...the kids LOVE it! I am so glad that you came to the Cub Scout meeting. Watching you with all of those kids was great! You have a way with them, you have just the right tone that demands attention and respect, and at the same time you are friendly and kind and extremely likeable. They all listened, they all looked up to you instantly. Not to mention the other instructors that were there! You had me at hello (haha!). Thank you so much for making this possible for us. I hope that giving us such a huge discount (scouting, siblings, and paying in a lump sum early) hasn't left you profitless. I know that you pulled strings, and I hope you know how much I appreciate it....for me personally, it means more than you know. I know that they will each benefit from this, and so I guess any price is worth it. You are the kind of role model I want them to have." ~ Sheere Abrahson, mother of 3, all are in our program

The Quality Of People Here, Starting At The Top

"I feel very blessed to have joined your academy this year, and when we felt the need to enroll Calvin into Martial Arts, even though there are closer places, I insisted on PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS because I know the quality of people here, starting at the top. But now, as a parent of a student, I am very pleased with the youth curriculum, the results, and again, the staff. I think Paul Ingram does a fantastic job with heading these classes. He's professional, commands respect, and has a great rapport with all of the kids." ~ Brian Czapko, 36, Medical Assistant

Keep Up The Good Work

"Just wanted to let u know that my 6 year old son DROPPED me today with a perfect eye jab fake groin kick. I was down for a good 2 minutes. Just wanted to let u know that I'm glad things are starting to sink in with him. It was a good lesson for him that he could take out someone who outweighed him by 160 lbs. After the nausea went away I had to give him a high five. Keep up the good work!" ~ Brian Czapko, Medical Assistant, attends class, as so does his son (sent after previous email)

He's More Mature

"I appreciate your report on Logan. I'm happy he attends PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS. You have been the most patient instructors ever. My head pounds just sitting there. But you guys interact with each child individually, you guys teach them from right and wrong, plus you guys know all their names. I think that's really cool. Ya know what you're doing and I respect that to the fullest. Logan has changed, he's more mature. Thank you, for the results!" ~ Iris Moslave, parent

I Am Really Happy

"I am really happy with how things are going with Madelyn in your class. She is so proud of herself and can't wait until her next class. I am very satisfied and so happy that we found your program! If there's anything I can be doing at home to help her, please let me know" ???? ~ April

Greatly Appreciated

"Thanks for extra care with Sam today. He was off sick last week and on Monday when he returned to class, there was a little accident that scared him. He was rather hesitant to come to class today so your help was greatly appreciated." ~ Mary, Medical Student and Mother

Perfect For Children

"Great class, Matt. Not that you need the applause, but I do like your teaching style. Actually I love how he thinks about things in class; you can almost see the gears working in his head. This class is definitely the right fit for him." ~ Christopher Meyer

Love The Class…And The Instructors Too!

"William went to class yesterday and LOVED IT!!! Your instructors did such a great job showing him what to do. This is already a much better fit for William than hockey was. Thanks so much!!!! Taresa" ~ Schuster Family

He Is A Better Student Who Is Confident

"I laughed when I heard that these martial arts classes would teach my child discipline, confidence, and self-esteem... But now he is a better student who is confident and respectful. It changed his life!" ~ Linda Jacobs, single mother

Concentrate On His Homework Better

"After a few months of lessons, I noticed my son was able to concentrate on his homework better, and was able to change his activities quickly and quietly without a fuss." ~ Sara Perez, mother of 3

KRAV MAGA… The Most Effective

"My husband and I made the decision we wanted our children to learn Krav Maga, because it is the most effective." ~ Heather Ballard, mother of 8

What You're Doing Is Totally Different

"I did karate as a kid, and what you're doing is totally different. I brought my son in to improve in school, and within a short time he was doing better such as spelling tests, now both of my kids are full of energy." ~ Zonan Whyte, father of 2 with previous martial arts experience

He Gained A Lot Of Self-Confidence

"I saw my son crawl out of his shell shortly after he started classes, as he gained a lot of self-confidence. He is also a lot more outgoing." ~ Kathy Syre, parent

Benefits Through Martial Arts Are For Life

"Team sports help but it seems short term, but the benefits through martial arts are for life." ~ Chris Polaki, father of 2

Before I keep going I want you to think a bit more about the effect instructors have had on these students’ lives. These instructors have been teaching the functional and effective defensive techniques of Krav Maga to kids all across the country. Each one of them has multiple classes with multiple children in each class who’ll all grow up with an understanding of self-defence principles and the self-confidence that goes along with an ability to protect yourself.

And even though it’s not always easy, I want you to become one of these instructors as well!

That’s why, if you qualify for the program, I’m ready to include all of these bonus offers.

1. Need help with anything? We’re here to help with a free email coaching to assist you with curriculum, scheduling, marketing and more!

2. Need more help with anything? Sometimes it’s just easier to pick up the phone and talk to us – and you’ll get this bonus for free!

3. Need even more help? Here is a coupon for $300 off our “on location” visit, where we come to you for one day to help you set up your youth program from start to finish!

4. Keep this discount coupon, because when you’re ready to level up your curriclum and students to keep them coming back and paying you more, we have an additional advanced program ready for you. This limited time coupon gives you $100 off!

5. We all need feedback! Set up a camera and video youself running a class. We’ll watch it, and give you some tips and tricks with class organization, structure, lessons, teaching style and more – so your program is running at the best level possible!


To sum up, you not only get instant access to the full instructor’s video course but you also get exclusive access to my Krav Maga expertise through my direct email address, and you’ll also get personalized video critiques and discounted rates on any other content I decide to put out in the future.

To get certified in our YOUTH KRAV MAGA program, you’ll attend our 2-day private group training camp and get access of all of our video, pictures and manuals… plus all of the continued support above.

So how much is this program?

I didn’t create this program because I’m looking to become a millionaire. I created this program because I know that I have valuable experiences that I can offer the self-defense community and I want to make my experience available to you.

A lot of hard work (and not just from myself) went into perfecting this program, and that’s why I can’t just give it away… but I wanted to make it affordable… where you could make back your money in your first Youth Krav Maga class that you offer! Everything on top of that is profit to YOU.

But if I were to charge the market rate for all this information (around $5000.00) that would mean that I’d be limiting the number of kids who’ll grow into adulthood with the life skills they need.

So, if you want to be a part of my mission, click the button below to register under our discounted price of $995.

Are you already certified in Krav Maga?  If so, CLICK HERE, and let us know the organization you're certified under and certification date to see if you qualify for an in person training exemption and $500 discount.

By the way, I suggest not to sleep on this decision. Right now, I’m selling the course for the heavily discounted rate of $995. That’s just a fraction of what I would normally sell it for. And I will be taking away the extra support bonuses soon.

But I feel I should let you know that we will not be letting everyone in at this discounted rate. We have a limited amount of instructors that we’re willing to let into this program.

So, reserve your spot now and get ready to introduce your students to Krav maga!

Are you already certified in Krav Maga?  If so, CLICK HERE, and let us know the organization you're certified under and certification date to see if you qualify for an in person training exemption and $500 discount.